Why You Should Do Exactly 22 Push-Ups Today 

Well, here’s a reason to get some push-ups in today (because if you’re anything like me, you need a bit more incentive than the promise of toned shoulders): The 22 Push-Up Challenge, a social media challenge raising awareness about veteran suicide (the stats used to say 22 veterans took their lives each day in the U.S.; an updated stat says that number is around 20), encourages folks to post videos of themselves getting 22 push-ups to social media with the hashtag #22PushupChallenge, and challenge a friend to get their shoulder-toning, awareness-raising push-ups in, too.

As Jacob Schick, the executive director of 22Kill, the Dallas, Texas-based non-profit that started the viral challenge, told TODAY yesterday, the idea of the challenge is to bring attention to the issue of veteran suicide: “A common problem remains a common problem until it becomes common knowledge,” he says. He also notes that “Post-traumatic stress and mental health issues are not just a veteran or a war issue; it’s a societal issue. We want to let people know that you don’t have to suffer alone. Seek help — it’s OK to ask for help.”

Hear, hear.

The challenge’s goal is to get to 22 million push-ups and as I write this, according to their online counter, they’re about 14 million push-ups away. So go! Get your push-ups (and toned shoulders!) on. But first, watch this adorable video of John Krasinski taking on the 22 Push-Ups Challenge in a backyard covered in chalk drawings while next to a dog named Finn. (Yep, it’s just as cute as it sounds.)

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