The Checkup: Noooooo! There’s a Serious Downside to Your Avocado Obsession  

And more healthy reads to get your day started.

• I am a true avocado toast addict. So much so that I started an Instagram account SOLELY devoted to avocado toast. (Really!) But I might have to cut back after reading this post on how the avocado mania of late is taking a serious toll on the environment. [Grub Street]

• We tip our hats to the fed up cyclists of San Francisco who have taken to creating guerrilla protected bike lanes for themselves. [Fast Company]

• Interesting! In order to gear up for her role in The Shallows, Blake Lively ditched soy — not because she has an allergy, but because it made it just about impossible to eat processed foods (soy is in everything), which, in turn, improved her diet. [Well + Good]

• Here, the thinking behind those snazzy new-ish water fountains on the Schuylkill River Trail. (Hint: One part of the idea is, the more Philly tap water you drink, the more you’ll care about its quality.) [PlanPhilly]

• ’Tis Thirsty Thursday, friends! To help you avoid a Kill-Me Friday, here: The types of liquor to reach for to lower your chances of a killer hangover. [TIME]

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