The Checkup: The Most Efficient Exercise to Strengthen Your Entire Core

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.

• A recent study put folks to work, having them perform a slew of of abs-strengthening exercises while hooked up to electrodes to determine which exercises worked the core muscles most efficiently. The winner when it came to the entire core? A fancy plank with legs on a stability ball and arms on the ground, paired with alternating leg lifts. Here’s to saving time at the gym! [Women’s Health]

• If a bike is your main mode of transportation, you’re going to want to go ahead and bookmark this new Philly bike map that showcases every bike lane, Indego bikeshare station and sharrow in the city. [Philly Curbed]

• Say it ain’t so: Your Lululemon addiction is about to cost you even more than it already does. [Business Insider]

• If you’ve always cringed at the thought of pounding a shot of apple cider vinegar — because, well, ew — Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas has a trick to help you choke down the miracle elixir: Mix it into a cup of red berry tea with lemon and honey. Doesn’t sound so cringe-worthy, right? [Well + Good]

• Sooooooo, it turns out the evidence that flossing actually prevents gum disease or cavities is super weak, a new Associated Press investigation finds. [Refinery29]

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