Best of Philly: The Fitness All-Stars We Love Right Now 

A Fit Academy boot camp class

Osayi Osunde leading a Fit Academy boot camp class

BIG news, people: Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly issue — complete with 275 brand-new picks for everything from the best coffee (a must-know) to the best local kombucha (another MUST-know) to the best work clothes you could work out in (need I say it again?) — is now out on newsstands and online.

And before you run to get your hands on a copy, below we’re giving you a taste of the can’t-miss fitness picks you’ll find on the pages. Here, four awesome fitness all-stars in Philly who you need to know about right now. Read up, then run out and get yourself a copy of this year’s Best of Philly issue so you can spend your evening reading up on the rest of this year’s winners — maybe with a kombucha cocktail in-hand?

Best Fitness Trainer
Osayi Osunde, Fit Academy

It takes nothing short of superpowers for a fitness trainer to make flutter kicks fun. So fun, in fact, that you leave the workout looking forward to doing more of them the next day, like some sort of masochist. Meaning: Osayi Osunde, who leads muscle-burning, laughter-filled boot camps at the Art Museum steps, might just be … a superhero?

Best Guru for the Injury-Prone
Pete Mattis, ZAKTi Fitness Studio

ZAKTi studio owner Pete Mattis, who spent years as an architect before breaking into the fitness world, has designed his own fix-it method of fitness, starting with a consultation in which he pinpoints the weaknesses throwing your body out of balance. Then the real magic begins: He’ll bring you back from injury — or help prevent it — with doses of the studio’s signature corrective group fitness classes, bodywork and one-on-one training sessions.

Best Instagram Account to Spark Your Inner Fitness Junkie
Lauren Boggi, @laurenboggi

There’s a reason Lithe Method founder Lauren Boggi has amassed a following of 15,000-plus Instagram fans: Her feed provides a mishmash of how-to exercise videos, fitness challenges and drool-worthy healthy meals that will have you reaching for a pair of weights and stocking your fridge with the makings for “zoodles” (those are zucchini noodles, for the uninitiated) in no time flat.

Best Yoga Podcast
Maura Manzo

You don’t have to visit Manzo’s co-owned Conshy studio to soak up her challenging-yet-playful teaching style (though it is worth a trip): Her (free!) podcast series will get you your yoga fix anywhere, with guided classes lasting anywhere from five to 75 minutes.

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