The Checkup: How to Navigate the Grocery Store Like a Boss (And Save Big Bucks)

And more healthy headlines to start your weekend.

• You walk into the grocery store with one thing on your mind: “I just need avocados, I just need avocados.” Then, suddenly, a bright bag of kale chips catches your attention, so you grab it and toss it in your cart without much thought. Next thing you know, your cart is piled high with foods you never even planned on buying and the cost of a simple trip to buy just avocados has eaten up half of your paycheck. We’ve all been there — but how does it happen? Turns out grocery stores have lots of tricks up their sleeves to get you to buy more than you planned. Never fear, though: There are a few ways to combat their sorcery. [Huffington Post]

• Consider this pre-weekend required reading: This is what alcohol does to your metabolism. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Surprise, surprise: calorie counting ain’t gonna cut it if you’re looking to lose weight. [Women’s Health]

• Because crunches are SO boring: Here, 21 bodyweight ab exercises — no crunches involved. [SELF]

• On average, Americans drink four measly cups of water a day. And a new study shows that’s probably not great when it comes to your waistline. [TIME]

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