The Checkup: Why You Should Be Grateful for Your Childhood Nail-Biting Habit

And more healthy headlines to kick off your Tuesday.

• Confession: I am such a nail biter. I know: It’s pretty gross. It’s not that I actively set out to bite my nails but place me in a stress-inducing situation and there they go. But while it is a disgusting habit that I will never actively encourage, according to new research, biting your nails as a child could be related to less allergies as an adult. I will take it! [TIME]

• Pretty much everyone wants these two things in life: To be healthier and to stop wasting so much money. And we could all easily make this dreams come true if we quit eating out so much. It seems soooooo obvious — so why do we keep ignoring our stoves? [Health]

• To use coconut oil or olive? That is the question. Here, when to use each.  [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• There is so much love for the tops of broccoli but what about the poor, neglected stems? Here’s how you can use the chopped liver of the veggie world. [Huffington Post]

• If you’re eating granola and yogurt for breakfast, bad news: You might as well be eating Oreos on top of ice cream, at least when it comes to sugar counts. [Vox]

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