The Checkup: The Weird Probiotic-Packed Food You Should Be Adding to Your Smoothies

And more healthy reads for your day.

• Maybe I’m just behind on the times but for me, sauerkraut has always strictly been a delicious dinner side. Apparently, though, the probiotic-heavy food can be so much more. From a tangy smoothie add-in to avocado stuffer, the fermented cabbage is way more versatile than you (and I) may have initially assumed. [Well + Good]

• CrossFit lovers, take note: A 17-pose yoga sequence designed to help you loosen up after lifting. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• If you think you’re grooming your hair, um, down there for hygiene, think again. [Vox]

• Good news! Whether you consider yourself the next Van Gogh or admittedly don’t have an artistic bone in your body, science shows getting artsy is a good idea — for your stress levels, at least. [Huffington Post]

• If you thought that avocado-ripening trick that swept the internet last month — you know, where you put an avocado in the oven for 10 minutes to ripen it — was too good to be true, you were right. Apparently, the flavor will be entirely different than if you were to just wait it out. [Women’s Health]

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