10 Weeks to a 10K: The Official Training Plan for the Philly 10K

Your day-by-day plan to get in tip-top shape for the August race.

Calling all runners! Next Monday, we’ll officially be 10 weeks out from the Philly 10K. Crazy, right? So if you’ve been slacking on your running game, time to get in gear. And we’re here to help: We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Philly 10K again this year to bring you the Official 10-Week Training Plan for the Philly 10K.

You can go ahead and download a copy of the training plan here. To give you a quick overview of how your training will work: On Mondays, you’ll do easy runs, Wednesdays are your speed-work day (If you’ve never done speed work before, it goes like this: You’ll run the mileage on the training plan, and during the course of that run you’ll work in some sprints or a tempo run), and Saturdays are for long runs. Thursdays are up to you: You can opt to rest or cross-train. Just note: If you’re looking to up your performance come August, you’ll probably want to cross-train. Then, you’ll rest on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

And for the BEST part of your training: The pop-up training runs. Some of you might remember our pop-up training runs with the Philly 10K in years past. In case you don’t, let me remind you: They were a blast. This year, we’ve got three pop-up training runs penciled into the calendar, all on Monday evenings: June 20th, to kick off your training, July 18th and August 15th. Then, there’s a shakeout run to the New Balance Bibs and Beers Party on August 26th. You can find out everything you need to know about those runs here.

And there you have it, friends: Your guide to 10 weeks of training for the Philly 10K. Print out the training plan, tape it to your fridge, and get to work next Monday!

And psst: for all our friends out there who didn’t snag a bib for the race, all hope is not lost because we happen to be giving one away. More info on that here.

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