The Checkup: The Low-Fat Avocado Variety Sparking Outrage Among Avocado Lovers 

And more healthy reads to kickstart your Wednesday.

• “Omg I hated it! Watery slimy. Gross.” That, my fellow avocado lovers, is how one Cooking Light editor described the SlimCado, a lower-calorie avocado trying to make it big like Hass, to another Cooking Light editor via text message. And they’re not the only ones disgusted by the SlimCado: There’s an entire Twitter handle — with over 3,000 followers, might I add — solely devoted to hating on the avocado variety. [The Wall Street Journal]

• If you and your significant other regularly bicker about how to properly squeeze the toothpaste tube as it nears its end, note that this new toothpaste invention could nix that fight altogether. [Fast Company]

• Because stress happens: Here, science-backed tricks to nip it in the bud. [Refinery29]

• You head to the bar for “one glass of wine” and that turns into three — we’ve ALL been there. And a new study says the size of the glass could be to blame. Turns out people end up ordering more wine when it’s served in a large glass. [TIME]

• If you wake up every night with a numb arm, this is why. [Vox]

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