The Checkup: The Nutrition Label Change Everyone Is Talking About

And more healthy reads to know about this week.

• The Internet has been chattering away about the FDA’s new changes to nutrition labels since Friday, with most of the talk revolving around the addition of an “added sugar” line. Some (hi, First Lady Michelle Obama) see it as a win, while others (looking at you, sugar industry) see it as an upset. (We’re in the former camp, because anything that means less ingredient deciphering — and therefore more time for sample eating — in the grocery store aisles is a win, right?) [The New York Times]

• We all saw the photo of the proposal that went down at mile six of the very rainy Broad Street Run a few weeks ago, right? Well, here’s all the hard work that went into making that happen. We say the soon-to-be groom deserves a round of applause. [Runner’s World]

• Uh-oh: A new study being used in a class-action lawsuit against Fitbit says your tracker might not be as accurate as you think. Fitbit denies the claim. [CNN]

• Someone wrote a (very overdue) love song to avocado. If you’re anything like me, you will surely relate to the lyrics. [Greatist]

• If you aren’t one of those women who can confidently strip down in the gym locker room, a hilarious new comedy sketch says you’ll get there — eventually. [The Cut]

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