There’s a 5K Flash Mob Run Going Down Somewhere in Center City This Friday

Listen up, runners: 5K Flash Mob — a group that puts on exactly that, flash mob-style 5K runs, in cities around the country — is coming to Philly this Friday, May 20th with a pop-up 5K dubbed the “Cheesesteak Shuffle” slated for “somewhere in the zip code 19103.”

Here’s how it works: The 5K is technically free but you have to register to be a 5K Flash Mob member ($25.99) here in order to get a bib. Members who are registered for the 5K Flash Mob get an email with all the details — bib and shirt pick-up, start location, route, post-race refueling location — after midnight on the day of the run.

And if you’re still not clear on exactly what a 5K Flash Mob is, here’s how they explain it on their website: “A 5K Flash Mob is a group of runners who assemble suddenly to run 5,000 meters outdoors. They complete this usual and seemingly pointless act within 55 minutes, then quickly disperse, but oftentimes will reassemble afterward to rehydrate and replenish.”

When it comes to the rehydrating and replenishing mentioned above, registered participants get a free post-run beverage from a pub within the zip code of the run. It’s not clear whether the Philly 5K Flash Mob will actually have anything to do with cheesesteaks or if they just chose that name because we’re Philly and we’re known for cheesesteaks. Guess you’ll have to get your flash mob on this Friday to find out!

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