YES: Giant 1,000-Foot Slip ‘N Slide Coming to Philly This Summer

For real this time.

Slide the City | Photo via Facebook

Slide the City | Photo via Facebook

Last year, Slide the City, the company responsible for setting up giant 1,000-foot Slip ’N Slides in cities all over the country, seemed to be gearing up for a day of slipping and sliding in Philly. And, man, were we excited. For months, the first thing I did every single morning when I got to the office was check the Slide the City website to see if they’d finally (finally!) added the exact date for Philly’s big Slip ’N Slide extravaganza. But June came, then July, then August, and I finally had to admit to myself: They weren’t coming. It was as devastating as it sounds.

So when I saw a press release this morning announcing that Slide the City has named a date — Saturday, August 6th — and a location — Sedgley Drive, by the Art Museum — for when and where they’ll be setting up their giant 1,000-foot Slip ’N Side in Philly this year, I couldn’t help but let out approximately 6,000 squeals.

Slide the City calls itself “a family-friendly slip-and-slide water party event,” complete with live music, food, local vendors and, of course, the giant slide, which is the length of over three football fields (!!). Anyone over the age of five and upward of 46 inches tall is welcome to slip their way down the slide, with tickets running anywhere from $10 to $99 depending on how many rides you want. Choices range from one ride to “as many times as possible.” (Just note: If you sign up for a single ride, they don’t give you a tube, which you need to slide, so you’ll have to bring your own.) And this is probably my favorite bit of information from the website: There’s need to worry about cracking any teeth as you scream your way down, because everyone who rides the slide gets a snazzy mouthguard to wear. (Ah! The endless Instagram opportunities!)

Tickets for Slide the City, which you can snag here, go on sale June 3rd. Go ahead and set a Google Calendar alert, folks!

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