CRF Frozen Foods Expands Recall to Include 358 Products (Including Frozen Trader Joe’s Veggies!)

Last week, Pasco, Washington-based CRF Frozen Foods recalled 15 of its frozen vegetable products due to a risk of listeria contamination. And now, that count of recalled products has gone up — a lot. This week, the company announced in a press release that they’ve voluntarily recalled all of the frozen fruit and vegetable products manufactured or processed at their Pasco facility since May 1st, 2014. That comes out to a total of 358 frozen food products sold under 42 brand names, sold across the country. And because we know you all love your frozen Trader Joe’s products, it’s worth noting that the recall includes six frozen food products sold under Trader Joe’s brand name.

The expanded recall comes after seven listeria cases from three states were linked to the company’s products. Recalled products include organic and non-organic broccoli, butternut squash, carrots, cauliflower, corn, edamame, green beans, Italian beans, kale, leeks, lima beans, onions, peas, pepper strips, potatoes, potato medley, root medley, spinach, sweet potatoes, various vegetable medleys, blends, and stir fry packages, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, peaches, raspberries, and strawberries. All of the recalled products have “best by” or “sell by” dates between April 26th, 2016 and April 26th, 2018. You can see the full list of recalled products here. If you find you have one of these products in your freezer, throw it away or return it to wherever you bought it for a refund.

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