CHOP Launching Virtual Running Challenge for May

Log miles, help raise money for CHOP's Cancer Center.

Looks like virtual running challenges are really starting to trend and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is the latest to get in on the action: This May, they’re launching their annual Daisy Days campaign, a month-long fundraising campaign they’ve been putting on for the past 60 years, with a month-long virtual running fundraiser called the Daisy Days 31-Day Challenge. The idea is, you log miles throughout to month of May to help raise money for CHOP’s Cancer Center. (And probably earn some good karma in the process, too.) 

Here’s how it works: when registering for the Daisy Days challenge, participants choose one of three tracks, the 31-mile Single Daisy (that shakes out to around seven miles a week), the 62-mile Double Daisy (about 15 miles a week), or the 100-mile Ultra Daisy (about 25 miles a week). Every runner gets to create a personalized fundraising page to post challenge results and collect donations. Along with earning some good karma, you can also snag prizes based on the amount of money you raise. Raising $150 gets you a t-shirt, $250 gets you a medal, $500 earns you a water bottle and $1,000 gets you a duffle bag. And if nothing else, the challenge will keep you accountable when it comes to your running goals.

The challenge kicks off May 1st and registration, regardless of the distance you commit to, costs $15. You can learn more and register here.

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