Focus Fitness Main Line Expands, Adds Space to Help Parents Stay Sane

Focus Fitness Main Line | Photo via Facebook

Focus Fitness Main Line | Photo via Facebook

Good news for Main Line parents who love to get their sweat on: The folks over at Bryn Mawr’s Focus Fitness Main Line just completed a 2,000-square-foot expansion, nearly doubling their size to a whopping 5,500 square feet. And here’s where your squealing comes in: The expansion made room for the fitness studio’s new Studio K childcare space — what they call a “clubhouse for kids” — where parents can drop off children from the ages of three months to eight years to hang and play with a childcare pro while they get their workout on. I.e. A space that will make maintaining your sanity just a little bit easier. Awesome, right?

The expansion also includes a metabolic strength and conditioning studio, offering small group-training classes limited to 25 participants. To celebrate that addition, they’ll be offering free strength-training classes from May 2nd through May 7th (just pre-register here).

Focus Fitness co-owner Abbie Chowansky tells us they’re aiming to have Studio K, which will have room for roughly 15 children at a time, open by mid-May, saying, “As a parent myself, we are super excited to offer a safe place for children to stay while parents enjoy our boutique fitness experience of yoga, spin and strength workouts.” Just be warned: If you’re envisioning a weekend of child-free workouts in your very near future, you’re getting ahead of yourself. To start, Studio K will be open only on weekdays — Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., to be exact — then possibly for early evening classes and weekends once fall rolls around. Chowansky also adds that, come fall, they’re hoping to ramp up their kids fitness classes. Hooray for more ways to tire out the very energetic little humans in your life!

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