The Checkup: 7 Healthy Foods That Can Completely Sabotage Your Workouts

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.

• You may think you’re doing yourself a favor by noshing on some hummus and crackers before you hit the gym, but these healthy-eating experts disagree. Same goes for leafy greens, raw seeds, and a slew of other seemingly good pre-workout foods, thanks in part to the bloat and stomach discomfort they can cause while you’re mid-lunge jump. [Women’s Health]

• Who needs to drink coffee when you can just chew it instead? Chewable coffee is a-comin’, people. [Grub Street]

• This cardio-dance workout done to the song “Work” is the stuff at-home-workout-dreams are made of. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

The six-month rule: The key to stressing less? [Greatist]

• If you’re not into chemicals or funky-smelling pits, here: Nine natural deodorants that actually work — including Philly-based Piper Wai. [Well + Good]

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