The Checkup: Beauty Products Worth Buying at Trader Joe’s 

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Photo by Flickr user Christopher Long

Trader Joe’s might be known for its frozen-foods aisles, but don’t knock the store’s beauty selection: Here, nine budget-friendly beauty items worth buying at Trader Joe’s. [MindBodyGreen]

• Only three percent — yes, THREE percent — of Americans actually live a healthy lifestyle, according to a new, very depressing study. [The Atlantic]

• Smart! A sports bra designed for self-defense. [Health]

• Here, someone tries the Rihanna diet. Because if you can’t be Rihanna (admit it: you have TOTALLY wished you were Rihanna at some point, probably while watching this Grammys performance), you can at least eat like Rihanna. [The Cut]

• Who says taking walking breaks during your runs is wrong? Here, a running/walking workout that still burns big calories. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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