The Checkup: The No-Brainer Way to Seriously Slash Your Caloric Intake 

And more healthy reads for your Friday.

• An excuse to invest in a cute water bottle and fill it frequently: Cutting your caloric intake by over 200 calories a day — so 1,400 calories a week — could be as easy as adding some good ol’ fashioned H2O to your diet, says a recent study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. [Women’s Health]

• The case for learning to play tennis — or just Wii tennis — as an adult: Learning a new sport could be a great thing for your body and your brain. [New York Times]

• Calling all the expecting mothers out there: Have you thought about your push playlist? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Not to worry though, Spotify is on it. [Refinery29]

• A little something to throw in at your next dinner party: Bernie Sanders has been living the Paleo lifestyle since way before it was cool. [USA Today]

• Soooo, who else is lusting after the Nike Lunar Epics? [Runner’s World]

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