P.S. & Co. Rolls Out Weekly Lineup of Themed BYOB Dinners

Tomorrow is Taco Thursday!

Pizza at P.S. and Co. | Photo via Instagram

Pizza at P.S. and Co. | Photo via Instagram

P.S. & Co. is getting in on the dinner game in a big way: A few weeks ago, they debuted their BYOB Pizza Fridays, and this week they’re adding to that with three more days of themed dinners each week, including Ramen and Dumplings Wednesdays (a little clunky, I know — but yum!), Taco Thursdays, and Burgers and Shakes Saturdays. As always, all of the food involved in the dinners will be organic, gluten-free and vegan. And a bonus: The menus will be kid-friendly.

The themed dinners will run Wednesdays through Saturdays from 5 to 9 p.m., and if you want to get your drink on while you get your Taco Thursday or Burgers Saturday on, note that the dinners are BYOB; they’ll have cold-pressed juice mixers on deck. Another thing to note if you’ve already hit up their Pizza Fridays: They’ve upgraded from French bread pizzas to pizzas on a house-made crust, and they’ve added pasta to the mix.

So, who’ll be stuffing their face with dumplings tonight?

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