Flywheel Launching New Lunch-Break-Friendly Class with Free Sweetgreen 

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

You know when you tell yourself you’re going to get your lunch-break workout on, but then 11:30 a.m. rolls around and you’re already buried in work and dreaming about your couch and you just know that if you slip away from your desk for an hour, your couch time is going to be delayed by an hour so you skip your workout? Well, Flywheel has created a 30-minute condensed version of their signature 45-minute Spin class that pretty much nips that workout-skipping problem in the bud. After all, what’s 30 minutes?

The folks at Flywheel tell us the new 30-minute class, called Power 30!, condenses their interval training-based 45-minute class into a shorter time slot by reducing recovery periods and nixing the usual mid-class arm workout altogether. They are piloting the class, which will be held not just in the middle of the day but in the morning and evenings as well, in five cities (Philly’s Center City studio included), before launching it nationwide.

So about that free Sweetgreen: On Thursday, Flywheel Center City is holding two Power 30 classes, one at 11 a.m. and one at 11:45 a.m., and both of those classes will be followed with Sweetgreen samples and giveaways. Um, yes, please! You can reserve your spot in one of the classes here, and note: If it’s your first Flywheel class, it’s free — so you really have no excuse to skip it. Happy lunch-break sweating, people!

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