The Checkup: Lunch-Break Habits of Healthy People That You Should Copy 

And more healthy reads to kick off your Wednesday.

• If you spend most of your lunch breaks hunched over in your cubicle, shoveling leftover pizza into your mouth with your left hand while responding to emails with your right, stop. Just, stop. And take note of these lunch-break habits of healthy people — one of which is stepping away from work for a minute. [Huffington Post]

Bribing people to exercise: There’s a right way and a wrong way if you want them to actually work out, says a new study. [Science of Us]

• Okay, after you waste a little time reading this post, do these: The first four things you should do every workday to up your chances of ending the day feeling like you totally kicked ass. [Fast Company]

• If your hands are outrageously dry thanks to this all-over-the-place weather — like, so dry you’re embarrassed to take off your gloves — here’s a dry-hands cure made with just two kitchen staples. You are welcome. [Well + Good]

• You know when you’re doing a stretch and you know you’re not doing it right, but you’re not sure how, exactly, you would do it right? That’s where this guide comes in. [Greatist]

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