The Checkup: Why You Should Definitely Poop at Work — For Your Health

And more healthy reads to start your weekend.

• You know that scene in Sex and the City, when Carrie reveals that she finally (finally!) went number two at Big’s house? Well, here’s why you should always just do it instead of holding it in — whether you’re at your boyfriend’s house or at work or wherever else it’s awkward. Turns out, habitually waiting it out can really screw with your insides. [Greatist]

• So we all know kale has gotten super popular over the past few years — but why? One woman set out to figure it out and the story is … strange. Like, Netflix-documentary-worthy strange. [MindBodyGreen]

• Speaking of kale, McDonald’s has been testing kale salads in certain markets. Problem is, the kale salads, at least the ones in their Canadian market, have three times the calories as a McDonald’s hamburger. Womp, womp. [Grub Street]

• This is how far Adonis ran in the movie Creed — you know, just in case you were wondering. Do we see an Adonis 7-Miler, á la the Rocky 50K, in our future? [Ticket]

Yoga teacher trainings are for more than just mastering your dolphin pose. Here, one newly minted yoga teacher talks about what she learned, that affected her life off the mat, during her teacher training. [Well + Good]

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