The Checkup: Is Your Seltzer Addiction Destroying Your Teeth?

And more healthy reads to start your morning.

• The question: Is your seltzer addiction destroying your teeth? The answer: Maybe a little, but probably not. Turns out, carbonic acid (that’s the stuff that makes the water bubbly) can gradually wear down tooth enamel — but the acid is weak, so what kind of impact it could have on your teeth has a lot to do with other factors, like how much acid and sugar you consume on a regular basis. [The Atlantic]

• Here, how to become a meditation master. (It’s so not as easy as it looks.) [Well + Good]

• I spent most of my days in college binge-watching Gossip Girl (real talk), so this would’ve been bad news for me: One university is requiring students wear Fitbits – and then grading them on their physical activity. [Gawker]

• Tell all the teenage ladies in your life to up their fiber intake: A new new study found that getting a good amount of fiber in your teens might significantly lower your risk of breast cancer later down the line. [NPR]

• Come the Super Bowl, everyone will be wondering: To double dip or not to double dip? Turns out, it’s not quite as disgusting as you might think. [Eat Clean]

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