Run215 Challenges Everyone to Run 1 Mile Every Day in February

How's this for a kick in the pants (er, running leggings)?

If you, like me, are the definition of a fair-weather runner, Run215 has a challenge that just might change your not-so-dedicated ways: For the month of February, Run215 is challenging Philly runners to pound the pavement for at least one mile every damn day. The incentive? If you complete the challenge, dubbed #RunStreakPHL, you get to join in on a big blowout party at the end of the challenge AND you get a certificate to hang on your fridge, like the good ol’ elementary school days. Oh! Plus you get to pat yourself on the back for being a kick-ass human, obviously.

To join in on the challenge, you just add your name to this list in Google Sheets, then keep track of your daily mileage in that document. Then, along with tracking your mileage on the daily, you’ll post a photo — a selfie, an action shot, a lovely sunset seen on your run — to Instagram every day during your run with #RunStreakPHL. And get creative with those photos! There will be prizes come the commencement party.

And I know — trust me, I know — the pull of happy hour followed by reruns of Seinfeld can be OH-so-strong, but no slacking: If you miss a day of running, you’re out of the challenge. How’s that for a kick in the (water resistant, fleece-lined, reflective) pants? There’s room for over 1,000 runners in the Google Sheets list, so go ahead and fill those slots, people!

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