The Checkup: How to Make Buffalo Wings You Won’t Regret Eating

And more healthy reads to start your weekend.

• The Super Bowl is headed our way, which means there are probably some Buffalo wings in your future. For some wings you won’t regret, try these oven-baked hot wings, served with a Greek yogurt blue cheese dip. Your jeans will thank you. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• The findings of this new study are your official excuse to sleep in this weekend: The small study found that you just might be able to undo some damage of sleepless nights by snoozing longer on the weekend. [Pacific Standard]

• Your Fitbit might be good for more than just tracking your steps: One guy claims his Fitbit tracked his emotional heartbreak. [Refinery29]

• When was the last time you focused — really focused — on doing just one thing? If you can’t remember, you should probably try, because apparently a pesky thing called “attention residue” is making your life harder than it needs to be. [Science of Us]

• Sorry, going gluten-free probably won’t help you with your running, ahem, bathroom problems. [New York Times]

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