The Checkup: Stop Talking About Your New Year’s Resolution If You Actually Want to Make It Happen



• If you made a New Year’s resolution — you’re going to run your first marathon, or you’ve vowed to finally master home cooking, or this year, you’ll finally stop eating McDonald’s breakfast after a night of one too many margaritas (still noble!) — go you. But note: If you actually want to stick to your resolution, research says you should probably stop blabbing about it and focus on actually making it happen, instead. [Science of Us]

• And I know I just said to stop talking about your New Year’s resolutions, but before we shut up, here: Five ways you’re sabotaging your weight-loss resolutions (and how not to). [Washington Post]

• A reason, aside from keeping your sanity intact, to drink more coffee: A recent study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Metabolism found that downing a cup of joe before working out upped endurance by an average of 25 percent. We will toast our coffee mugs to that! [CBS Philly]

• You know the saying “Keep it simple, stupid”? Well here, the simplest explanation I’ve ever read for how to maintain your health. [NPR]

• Three words: Bagel quinoa bowl. Okay, okay, it sounds kind of gross — but once you see the recipe, you’ll change your tune. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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