The Checkup: Why You Should Stop Trying So Hard to Be Happy

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• It seems, in this day and age, we are all obsessed with the idea of achieving — and flaunting on social media, of course — happiness: Finding a job that will make us happy, or a spouse, or the perfect pair of fall boots — you name it. But research shows, thinking too much about finding happiness and constantly questioning whether or not we are happy can stop us from actually stumbling on actual happiness. [Medium]

• Because it’s that time: time for end-of-year “Best [insert anything here] of 2015” lists! Here, BuzzFeed’s best recipes — including one for avocado bread AND one for chocolate avocado pudding — of the year. [BuzzFeed]

• Which fake bacon is the best (er, best of the worst)? One vegetarian and her daring friends taste-tested a bunch of them, and while she wasn’t too impressed, she did find a few that stood out. [Slate]

Squats — and all leg exercises, for that matter — could be good for more than just your quads. [PureWow]

• If you, like me, love avocados more than life itself, take note: Everything you need to know about buying, opening and storing the delicious (and oh-so-Instagram-friendly) fruit. [Well + Good]

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