The Checkup: This Is Why You Always Want a Beer After a Workout 

And more healthy (well, healthy-ish) reads to start your weekend.

• Remember that study that found we drink more on days when work out? Well, this could be why: As the author of a new study examining the relationship between booze and exercise points out, exercise gives us a buzz (hello, endorphins) — so when we get home from the gym, we might subconsciously reach for a beer or a glass of wine to keep that buzz going. Interesting, right? [The New York Times]

• Why you should make plans for tonight: Loneliness is bad for our brains and our bodies, a new study shows. [Women’s Health]

• WTF is co-mindfulness? Welllll, it’s the thing that just might make you a better coworker. [Fast Company]

• For those of us who find ourselves running from lunch-break workouts to midday meetings, here: Makeup that will actually make it through even the sweatiest of Spin classes. Really. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Here’s why you shouldn’t feel dumb asking for help. (Hint: It actually makes people think you’re more competent!) [Science of Us]

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