The Checkup: 7 Foods to Reach for When You’re Desperately Trying to De-Bloat

And more healthy reads to start your Tuesday.

• Confession: I ate approximately 1,879 biscuits this weekend. I know, it was crazy. But I was just trying to free up some room in my fridge, crowded with Thanksgiving leftovers, for vegetables! If you, like me, ate way too many Thanksgiving leftovers this past weekend, take note: Seven foods to reach for when you’re feeling bloated, like potassium-packed bananas and antioxidant-packed ginger. [Greatist]

• If you’re still figuring out how to hop on the friend-making bandwagon, you might consider getting a dog. Not only are they superb snuggle buddies, they’re great at breaking the ice with strangers, too! [The Atlantic]

• Planning on taking an trip out west anytime soon? The first USDA-certified organic fast-food joint just opened in Pleasanton, California, and we say that’s worthy of a pit-stop. [Fast Company]

• Because I’m sure we’ve we’ve all wondered: WTF is freekah? Here, a breakdown of the ancient grains of the moment, from freekah (which has double the fiber of quinoa, by the way!) to kaniwa. [Well + Good]

• Winter is a comin’ people! If you’ve ever wondered why running in cold weather makes your throat burn, here is the answer. [Runner’s World]

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