Fuel Cycle Fitness: New Cycling and Boxing Studio Coming to Ardmore

Yep, there’s ANOTHER awesome fitness studio coming to the Main Line. This one’s called Fuel Cycle Fitness, and it’s set to open at 53 Rittenhouse Place in Ardmore later this fall. 

The studio, brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Jeff and Jen Crompton, will run indoor cycling, boxing and combo classes. Jen has been a cycling instructor for seven years — you’ll currently find her at the Haverford YMCA — but the couple discovered boxing just before they got married. “I never would have tried boxing, but we both fell in love with it,” says Jen. “It was a good bonding experience for us.”

She especially loved how a steady regimen of cycling, boxing and yoga got her body into killer shape for her wedding day. “It’s a great way to cross-train,” she says. “If you want to build muscle, boxing is the perfect yin to the yang of cycling, because it’s a lot of upper body: arms, core, back.”

Fuel Cycle Fitness has been two years in the making, with the couple inking a lease for the freshly renovated three-floor space back in July. The studio’s basement will hold the changing areas, while the first floor will be the boxing studio and the second floor the cycling studio. Equipment-wise, Fuel Cycle Fitness will be stocked with Keiser M3i bikes, which feature a companion smartphone app to track your workouts.

Cycling-only classes will run for 55 minutes, with 45 minutes of cycling and 10 minutes of upper body or ab work. Boxing-only classes, led by Jeff, will be 50 minutes, alternating between three-minute boxing rounds and 30 seconds of cardio in between. The combo boxing-and-cycling classes will be 60 minutes long: 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes punching the bags.

Right now, Fuel is in the final stages of build out. It’s set to open on December 28th, with free classes through the 30th. The regular schedule will begin on January 4th.

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