The Checkup: The Easy (But Weird) Way to Burn More Calories Walking

And more healthy reads to start your day.

• If you want to burn more calories while getting from point A to point B and you don’t mind looking a little, well, insane, here’s how: A new study found that changing the speed of your walk from fast to slow every few seconds can help up your calorie burn by a good 20 percent. (If we spot you doing this down Broad Street this afternoon, we promise not to judge.) [Yahoo Health]

• This is what a city would look like if it were designed for bikes instead of cars. Spoiler alert: It looks pretty cool. [Fast Company]

• Welp, it looks like your desk job might not be killing you after all. [The Cut]

• Who says you can’t be a vegetarian Paleo dieter? Here, 35 Paleo recipes, sans meat. [Well + Good]

• Yikes: Speaking of vegetarians, a new study found that a good chunk of secretly self-described vegetarians drunk-eat meat on the regular. Not going to lie: I have totally witnessed this. [Women’s Health]

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