The Checkup: Here’s How Many Extra Calories You Burn Using a Standing Desk

And more health headlines that caught our eye today.

• You’ve probably wondered: Is a standing desk worth it? A new study found that people with adjustable standing desks — the ones that lower and raise for sitting or standing — sit about 60 fewer minutes each day than those of us with seated desks, and burn an extra 87 calories. Begging the question: Is a standing desk, um, worth it? [Men’s Fitness]

• If you think counting every last calorie is the key to losing weight, think again: These five nutritionist-backed reasons for ditching your calorie-counting habit will definitely convince you otherwise. [Prevention]

• This seems appropriate for a Monday: how to become one of those Amazing Ideas People and impress the pants off your boss. [Fast Company]

• Don’t let these “health” foods fool you — there’s nothing healthy about them. [Runner’s World]

• Well, this is kind of huge: Calcium doesn’t improve bone density or decrease your risk for bone fractures, according to a new study. [New York Times]

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