The Checkup: The Reason You Had Trouble Getting Out of Bed This Morning

And more healthy headlines to get you going.

• Question: Did you by any chance have a cup of coffee late in the day yesterday? If so, that could explain why you had trouble waking up today. Turns out, late-day caffeine throws your body clock seriously out of whack, according to new research. [NPR

• Did you hear? Honeygrow is setting up shop in King of Prussia! [Property]

• Alas, we are headed straight into the throes of cold season — it’s inevitable. But before you stock up on a cartful of preventative measures like Emergen-C or Airborne, you might want to read this. [Huffington Post]

• Why doctors are beginning to prescribe the Great Outdoors as medicine. [The Atlantic]

• Chocolate! I’ll say it again: chocolate! Check out these chocolate bars you don’t have to feel bad about eating. [Well + Good]

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