The Checkup: What to Do When You Wake Up with a Giant Pimple

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Pimples, man. If you, like me, have learned the hard way that they’re not just for teenagers, next time you wake up with a full-blown, can’t-leave-the-house zit on your face, note: There’s a big chance your gut is to blame  — and here’s what to do about it. [Well + Good]

Morning runner: What we all want to be when we grow up. How to make it happen — think: rewarding breakfasts, sunrise apps, pre-made iced coffee, and more — right this way. [BuzzFeed]

• It’s Monday, and anyone’s Instagram feed could tell you that’s kind of a bummer — but quit whining about it! Researchers say looking on the bright side of your workday is way better for your mind. [Science of Us]

• Three pairs of Manolo Blahniks or twelve pairs of normal person shoes: That’s what you could buy if you didn’t insist on eating a $9 salad for lunch every day. Here, how to become a master at making healthy, easy work lunches. [Washington Post]

• You know what a one-exercise workout means? No excuses. [Men’s Health]

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