The Checkup: The Reason You Can’t Touch Your Toes

And more healthy reads to bend your mind and muscles.

• Nope, it’s not how you’re built. The reason you can’t touch your toes is because you’ve been using your body all wrong. [Men’s Journal

• No, you’re not crazy: Your body really doesn’t tolerate alcohol like it did in college, experts say. [TIME]

• Introducing the newest superfood you’ve never heard of: sea buckhorn berries. [Yoga Journal]

• At some point during the long, glorious weekend ahead, make a point to give your body a nice head-to-toe stretch. Think of it as a mini vacation for your tired bod, without the Shore traffic. [Greatist]

• Do you know any adults that are obsessed with coloring? Yup, it’s a thing. [Yahoo]

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