The Checkup: All the Workout Myths You Need to Stop Believing, Stat

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• Sorry to break it to you, but doing a billion crunches a day probably won’t get you a killer six pack. And no, lifting weights won’t turn you into Hulk Hogan, either. Those myths, plus five more workout myths to stop believing, stat. Trust us, your muscles will thank you. [PureWOW]

Breakfast tacos you won’t feel bad about eating exist. Need we say more? [Self]

• How to hate Mondays — and every day you have to work, actually — just a little bit less. [Science of Us]

• Guys, popcorn tofu (yes, like popcorn chicken) is a thing. And you need to make it, like, yesterday. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• A gadget to add to your wish list: These containers keep your farmers’ market produce super fresh without any electricity. [Fast Company]

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