The Checkup: What Everyone Who Uses Olive Oil Needs to Know

And more healthy reads to start your day.



• Extra virgin olive oil is a staple in any health-conscious cook’s kitchen, and for good reason: For years, we’ve been reading about the health benefits of monounsaturated fatty acids which olive oil boasts plenty of. But what you might not know is that cooking with EVOO at high temperatures can lead to the formation of harmful free radicals. Here, how to make sure you’re playing it safe the next time you sauté. [Well + Good]

• Hopefully we know to take off from work when we’re physically sick, but the flu isn’t the only reason you might need a break. Here are 10 signals that scream “Time for a mental health day!” [TIME]

• Contact lenses are a big responsibility — if you don’t use them properly, you could end up with keratitis, AKA inflamed corneas (eek!). If you wear contacts, make sure you’re not making one of these common mistakes. [BuzzFeed]

• These recipes replace the starches in your favorite carb-loaded foods with a more nutrient-dense and usually lower-cal veggie. Most of them are Paleo-friendly, too! [Eat Clean]

• Because hitting the snooze button is oh-so-tempting: this cool new Android app from Red Bull wakes you up for your morning workout with a motivational video of your sport of choice. [SHAPE]

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