Amazing: The Next Big Superfood Tastes Just Like Bacon

When cooked, this new type of seaweed takes on the flavor of your favorite breakfast meat.



We healthy foodies love our kale, but even the most veggie-worshipping among us (ahem, me) cannot pretend that any green can take the place of bacon … Or can we? According to TIME, researchers at Oregon State University have bred a new type of seaweed that has the potential to take over the superfood scene. Why? It’s ridiculously nutritious and, when fried up, tastes very much like bacon. Yes, bacon.

The seaweed is a new strain of a species called dulse that looks like red lettuce. Wild dulse has been sold dried for years as a cooking ingredient and nutritional supplement, but its commercial potential would obviously skyrocket with this new flavor — bacon lovers would have motivation to eat more plants, and we vegetarians are always looking for ways to mimic meaty flavor without having to resort to Tofurky. And if kale is a superfood, dulse is an ultra-superfood, packed with protein and twice the nutrient-density of the dark leafy green.

Once the folks at OSU figure out the best way to farm this stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if starts popping up everywherethey’re already hinting at dulse rice crackers and salad dressing. Now, why can’t they grow bok choy that tastes like chocolate?

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