The Checkup: These Famous Athletes Posed Naked and Created the Best Gym Motivation Ever

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• I know what you’re thinking: Of course they like their bodies, they’re top-ranked athletes, for cryin’ out loud! But you’d be surprised how many of these famous athletes have felt anxious about how they look, just like the rest of us. But regardless, they bared it all in the ESPN Magazine Body Issue — their birthday suits, insecurities, and body image wisdom. And the end result is the greatest gym motivation ever. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• This one’s for my fellow runners: a very silly, sarcastic list that will actually make you feel so proud to be a runner. [BuzzFeed]

• If you’re looking out for your health, there’s one tenet of nutrition you’ll never be able to escape: eat more vegetables. Our advice? Get ‘em out of the way first thing! Here are ten creative and tasty ways to eat your veggies at breakfast. [Eat Clean]

• Summer is in full swing, folks, which means it’s sweet corn season. If you want to go beyond good ol’ corn on the cob, this no-mess trick for slicing off the kernels will come in handy. [Saveur]

• In a city of such incredible and varied cuisine, it’s easy to feel torn between your foodie side and your health-conscious side. Fortunately, you may not have to feel that way! This study found that those with more adventurous, “foodie”-like palates weighed less than more picky eaters. [SHAPE]

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