My Top Five: Killer Spots to Do Stairs Workouts in Philly

Philly stairs_Roxborogh up

Corner of Roxborough and Boone, Manayunk // via Gina Mancuso

Since it’s summertime, we say, give the stair machine a rest and head outside. You have tons of beautiful places to soak up some vitamin D while you sprint your way to long, lean legs and perfectly toned glutes right at your fingertips — or toes, we should say.

To help you track down the perfect spot, we got Gina Mancuso, physical therapist and personal trainer of CoreFitness, to dish on her top five picks for places around Philly to get a killer stairs workout in. Try one or try ’em all! Your glutes will thank you later — promise.

Best places to do stairs workouts in Philly

Steps at the corner of Sedgley Drive and Kelly Drive, right across from Lloyd Hall on Boathouse Row

“26 steep steps lead up to a 50-yard steeper hill, perfect for sprinting. This sweet little set of steps is great to work into a Lemon Hill loop for a real leg burner or to do as a five- to 10-lap circuit on its own,” Mancuso says.

Stairs at the Corner of Roxborough Avenue and Boone Street, Manayunk

“The best thing about this 112-step flight is the Audubon Bird Habitat and beautiful garden at the top. Not kidding. The second best thing is that it feels like you’re running through a jungle canopy — it’s so shady and green!” Mancuso says. “After a few rounds on these stairs, head down Roxborough Avenue to Pretzel Park for some core work and stretching.”

Kelly Drive Rowing Bleachers, 2200 Kelly Drive

“I like to use this mini bleacher set as a backdrop for a great core or cross-training workout,” Mancuso says. “The space is excellent for running and hopping the bleachers and mixing in all kinds of planks, mountain climbers, push-ups, and more. It’s a short 1.75-mile run from Lloyd Hall, which makes it a well-rounded workout session.”

The Art Museum Steps, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

“I can’t leave these steps off the list because this is where it all started for CoreFitness. My business partners Lauren Krinis and Cindy Brown and I have spent countless hours playing, planning and sweating on these steps. It’s where our CoreFitness community comes together to get strong and fit, to be with one another and to have fun. All fitness levels are welcome — it’s where bodies are sculpted, character is tested and friendships are forged.”

At the corner of Ridge Avenue and Calumet Street, East Falls

“With the help of a nice friend, I recently discovered this set of stairs that isn’t actually stairs, but is an awesome incline. It’s a killer 0.2 mile sprint straight uphill — perfect. Do that 10 times over and  you’ll feel beyond awesome the next day.”

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