The Checkup: How to Order Sushi Like a Nutrition Pro

And more healthy reads for your Friday.



• In my book, Friday evenings are for sushi delivery and binge-watching Law & Order: SVU. (Hey, a girl needs a minute to regroup after a long week, don’t judge.) But this week, I know what I won’t be ordering in my sushi (bye, salmon) and what I will be ordering (hi, arctic char nigiri). Here, tips from health experts to help you order sushi like a nutrition pro, too. [TIME]

Why people stick their tongues out when they’re focusing, explained. (Finally!) [Science of Us]

• Because it’s Friday, and we say treat yourself: The three-ingredient fudge you need to make this weekend. Bonus: you won’t even feel all that bad about eating it. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Optimism is linked to better cardiovascular health, immune function, and a slew of other health perks we all have on our wish lists. So here, how to become the optimistic, happy-go-lucky human you normally are not. [Greatist]

• To go for long runs or not to go for long runs if you’re trying to build muscle? [Men’s Health]

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