The Checkup: The Six Worst Treats to Get at an Ice Cream Truck

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• There is no sweeter sound than the ringing of an ice cream truck, right? But just how sweet some of the sweet treats on those trucks really are will make you gag: A simple ice cream sandwich can run you a whopping 500 calories and 40 grams of sugar. Here, what to steer clear of and what to get the next time the ice cream truck makes its way to your block. [Eat Clean]

• The question we’ve all been dying to ask: To freeze or not to freeze your underwear before a long summer run? [The New York Times]

• If you get all kinds of SAD — you know, seasonal affective disorder — in the winter, you’ll be surprised to learn that some people get SAD come warm weather. Who knew shorts season and sunshine could bring people down? [Science of Us]

• “I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing — are they truing to kill me?” Plus, 24 more hilarious and spot-on thoughts everyone has during their very first yoga class. [Prevention]

• Yes, yes, yes: 34 genius ways to eat watermelon at every meal for the rest of your life, because why not? [Greatist]

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