Taco Bell Is About to Get a Little Bit Healthier

The company will remove artificial colors and flavors by end of 2015.



I never liked Taco Bell. Even as a five-year-old whose diet consisted mostly of highly-processed cheese products and bacon bits, I was not down with the fast-food chain. So news of Taco Bell really doesn’t pique my interest, but as my coworker explained to me earlier today, many people remember Taco Bell as their favorite childhood fast-food spot and therefore care about it deeply. (And, he also told me, some people think of it as their first foray into Mexican food, to which I cringed.)

So to all the Taco Bell fans out there, good news: The company just announced that they’ll be getting rid of all artificial colors, artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup and unsustainable palm oil in their food (except for sodas and co-branded items like the Doritos-flavored taco shells) by the end of 2015, ABC News reports. 

So, by 2016 they’ll be using real black pepper — because for whatever reason, now they use black pepper flavor — and your nacho cheese will be free of dye Yellow Number 6. Meaning? You can feel a little bit better about eating a Crunchwrap Supreme after one too many margaritas. A little bit.

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