The Checkup: 17 Weight-Loss Tricks That Have Absolutely Nothing to Do With Exercise

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.



• Because sometimes, three more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy courtesy of Netflix wins out over a trip to the gym: 17 weight-loss tricks — like not wearing sweats during said Netflix marathon — that have absolutely nothing to do with exercise. [Huffington Post]

• And speaking of Netflix, here’s a workout that can be done entirely from your couch. You are welcome. [BuzzFeed]

• You can thank our friends over at G Philly for this news: Apparently, an orgasm a day helps to keep prostate cancer away. Spread the word, folks. [G Philly]

• The situation: You’re about to hoist yourself out of your desk chair and walking the 20 feet to the office bathroom but before you bring yourself to stand your eyes start welling up with tears — yes, tears — because you are just that sore from your workout. We’ve all been there right? To avoid that situation, chow down on these five foods that combat post-workout aches. [Q by Equinox]

Lightened-up seven-layer dip is a thing and it’s just as drool-worthy as the calorie-laden original. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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