What the Heck Are Zoats? (Plus, 10 Ways to Make Them)

Add an unexpected twist to your everyday breakfast.



I was surfing the web this morning in search of a way to spice up my boring morning oatmeal and came across something called zoats. I’m always intrigued by foods with weird names so I immediately wanted to find out more about this odd oatmeal dish, and my findings left me pleasantly surprised!

So, what the heck are zoats, you ask? Well, they’re pretty much oats plus zucchini. Get it? Zoats. A classic zoats recipe is typically made with oatmeal, shredded zucchini, and egg whites. The eggs bind the concoction together and fluff it up, but vegans can opt for soaked chia seeds or protein powder instead.

So, now that we’ve established what zoats are, next question: Why eat them? Well, adding zucchini and eggs to your oatmeal is an easy way to add more nutrients, fiber, and protein to your everyday breakfast. And the best part is, you can spice them up however you like! Now, I know zoats may sound kind of gross to some people (kind of like savory oatmeal), but I found 10 super-creative and healthy zoats recipes that I’m now dying to try, and we’re guessing you will be, too. Enjoy!

Heavenly Chocolate Pumpkin Zoats
via Breakfast Criminals 

This shouldn’t even be called breakfast because it looks more like dessert. But hey, it’s still healthy, and the taste of pumpkin can get you looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. Who cares if it’s months away?

Tropical Zoats
via Eat Zoats

This zoats dish is bursting with flavors like coconut, banana, vanilla, and cinnamon. You can even top it with fresh tropical fruits like kiwis, bananas, and strawberries.

Mexican Chocolate Zoats
via Nutrition Stripped 

One of my favorite flavor combinations is cinnamon and chocolate. This recipe goes even further by adding cayenne, which gives it an extra kick of spicy goodness.

Fresh Berry Cheesecake Zoats
via Eat Zoats 

There’s nothing I love more than cheesecake. And now there’s a way to eat it for breakfast? Um, yes, please. You can top this zoats dish with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries — whichever berry you prefer!

Zoat Pancakes
via Lean Clean PB Machine

If you want something with a firmer, crispier texture, then try making your zoats into pancakes! You can smear them with peanut butter, almond butter, or Nutella. I’m seriously getting hungry just thinking about it.

Spirulina Overnight Zoats
via Plantbased Pixie 

This recipe suggests soaking the oats overnight to soften them up.

S’mores Zoats
via Eat Zoats 

Now you can reminisce about your days camping with the Girl Scouts and satisfy your sweet tooth all while eating your breakfast.

Cinnamon Cacao Zoats
via Plantbased Pixie

For those of you who are skeptical of the Mexican Chocolate Zoats, give this one a try instead! You can still get the awesome chocolate and cinnamon flavor combination, but without the kick of the cayenne.

Zoats with Maple Caramelized Pears
via The Smoothie Lover 

This recipe incorporates maple syrup, blueberries, and caramelized pears. Mmmm.

Carrot Cake Zoats
via PB and Julie 

To be honest, this recipe sounds even better than actual carrot cake. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

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