The Checkup: The Guilt-Free Margarita Recipe That Makes Fridays Even Better

And more healthy reads for your day.



• A regular margarita can set you back up to 680 calories. Just one margarita, people! But not this one: This jalapeño margarita rings in at just 169 calories, plus it’s made with jalapeños, which studies show do all sorts of great things for your waistline. So, look forward to making one of these bad boys come happy hour. [Self Magazine]

• Is there anything better than leftover pizza for breakfast? One might think no, but the answer is yes: Breakfast pizza. Here, nine breakfast pizza recipes to help you put together the best weekend brunch ever. [Greatist]

• Seven beautiful, mood-boosting plants that can survive in your tiny, city apartment (or cubicle). [Well + Good]

• This will make your next grocery shopping trip so much easier: A guide to words food companies use all the time (Natural! Fair-Trade! Organic!) and we they really mean. [Refinery29]

• Why you should always use the first bathroom stall, plus 13 other strange-but-true health tips. [Men’s Health]

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