Calling All Broad Streeters: Why Are You Running the Race This Year?

For time? For fun? For tradition?

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

The big day is fast approaching, Broad Street runners! Last week, Broad Street newbie Lauren Napolitano listed off all the reasons she’s so, so, SO excited to be running in the iconic 10-miler this year — the awesome views of so many different Philly neighborhoods, to name one. And now we’re asking the rest of you 40,000 folks gearing up to run the race this Sunday, whether it’s your very first time running or your 15th: Why are you running the Broad Street Run this year? 

Was running the race a way to force yourself to get into 10-miler shape by spring? Are you hoping to beat last year’s time? Do you just love Philly — and Philly’s most popular race? Tell us why you decided to hop on board the Broad-Street-Run train this year in the comments section below. Then read through why other people are pounding the pavement at the race this year. I’m guessing there will be some serious race-day inspiration to soak up.

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