There’s a New Buffered Bike Lane on Rittenhouse Square West

The bike lane is a pilot project running through the spring and summer.

Photo by Arthur Etchells

Photo by Arthur Etchells

City bikers, rejoice: A new buffered bike lane running along the West side of Rittenhouse Square popped up over the weekend, PlanPhilly reports. And just in time for the Thursday launch of the Indego bike share, too!

Turns out, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities was getting complaints about bikers riding on the sidewalk around Rittenhouse, a big no-no for a whole slew of reasons, like pedestrian safety, to name one. So the buffered bike lane was put there by MOTU as a pilot project, running through the spring and summer of this year, encouraging cyclists to get off the sidewalks and bike in the street.

The newly installed bike lane means one less traffic lane, which MOTU is hoping will help slow cars down and make the street safer all around. Since the bike lane is a pilot project, they’ll be switching it up based on feedback. You can send your two cents to

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