The Checkup: The Two-Minute Workout to Transform Your Abs

And more healthy reads to kickstart your week.



• This workout hits your ab muscles from every angle — and it only takes a couple of minutes! Talk about a win-win, right? [Men’s Health]

• Get ready to cringe: The average American eats a whopping (or should I say heaping?) 19 spoonfuls of sugar each day. Nineteen, people. To give you some perspective, that’s five full-sized candy bars worth of sugar. [Real Simple]

Kombucha beer is a thing. Do with that information what you please. [Eat Clean]

• If allergy season is the bane of your existence, I’m with you. To help you prep for the pollen headed our way: 11 things you wouldn’t expect to trigger allergies (like your dog, stress, and alcohol) that do. [TIME]

• This is why you sometimes have to, um, go during a long run. [Greatist]

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