The Checkup: How to Get a Ridiculously Good Workout in Less Than 20 Minutes

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• Good news! You can spend a lot less time at the gym than you think. Learn the tricks of a killer 20-minute workout that can totally replace your hourlong routine. [Outside Magazine

• Think you earned your cheat day? Think again — here, the cold, hard truth about cheat days (and why you should rethink them). [Greatist]

• In the spirit of spring cleaning, let’s talk about how you’re cleaning your workout gear. Here’s how to do it right so you don’t ruin your gear. [Life by DailyBurn]

• No, those people who claim to love working out aren’t lying — they really do enjoy a good sweat session. Here, 10 ways to take a page from their book. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• Well, this is interesting: A new study reveals what your personality says about your eating habits. [Newser]

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